What is Jonathan Toews’ vacation activity? Jumping off a cliff

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Jonathan Toews posted a video of himself cliff jumping on Instagram on August 1st.

CHICAGO – A little bit of rest and relaxation is great for any athlete during what is normally a short offseason.

Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews took full advantage of that this weekend during a visit to a lake in Canada.

On Monday he posted this video to Instagram showing his thrill-seeking activity of the weekend.

Looks wayyyyy higher when you get up there.

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Toews jumped off a rock about 30 feet in the air and landed feet first in the water. The video doesn’t show the Blackhawks captain after he emerged from the water but judging by his Instagram account he was good to go based on a video he posted Tuesday.

Just over a month until World Cup, time to step it up. #evoultrafit #arpwave

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Jumping off a cliff is something athletes have done before to burn off a little stress.

The most famous was Tom Brady, who posted a video of himself jumping off a cliff in March of 2015 after winning his fourth Super Bowl.