New app pairs baseball with free pizza…and the fans go wild

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A group of Chicago entrepreneurs gave up their day jobs to launch an app where the competition that starts every time you hear the words “play ball."

It's called The Fantasy Pizza App.

It's an app where you got to play to win and winning could mean free stuff at your front door in no time flat.

The Fantasy Pizza App can deliver hot pizza to your door in the middle of a Sox or a Cubs game.

The app launched just yesterday.

Download the app and choose from three randomized questions involving that day's live pro Chicago baseball game.

Make your pick before the first pitch. Then sit, wait, watch and see what happens.

If you choose the correct event that happens in that game, you win pizza from Jet’s.

Jet’s is somewhat new to the Chicago market and will deliver from any of their six participating locations in Wheeling, Libertyville, River North, Lakeview, Irving Park and Bucktown.

If you're outside their delivery area, you can pick up your pizza. Or bank it in the app and cash in later.

Players can make picks once a day. The app isn't meant to take away from the game.  It supplements it and is all statistically driven. And when it comes to stats, there is almost no better game for it than baseball.

Some picks are easy.  Which team will win that day? Others are far more specific. The game doesn't test your knowledge of baseball. It's a random game of chance for people who like to play and maybe even win some free food.

Boxscore Games ran the same app during the football season. They found that the engagement level for players averaged 11 minutes per day. Not bad when you consider that the average user spends a minute on twitter.  And these days the average reader sits down to a book for just 19 minutes a day.

More on the app on their website.