Republicans criticize Trump for remarks about family of slain Muslim soldier

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Under fire for his harsh words aimed at the Muslim parents of a fallen U.S. soldier, far from apologizing, Donald Trump is doubling down.

The outrage started with a striking indictment of Trump by Nazir Khan, the father of a fallen Muslim-American soldier, at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Trump fired back with a faith-based attack on the Gold Star couple over the weekend.

Since then, the list of leading Republicans speaking out against their own party’s nominee keeps getting longer and more local.

On the list: Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and John McCain, a war hero himself who said he “can’t emphasize enough” how deeply he disagrees with trump.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars released a statement denouncing trump, saying: "to ridicule a gold star mother is out-of-bounds."

And this afternoon another Republican -and veteran- Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) spoke out.

“I didn’t like that, ’cause in my world, a veteran who gave up their life is someone who is almost sacred,” Kirk said.

But while several Republican lawmakers have been critical, none has withdrawn support for the candidate.

Monday night Mark Kirk’s Senate opponent in Illinois, Democrat and disabled veteran Tammy Duckworth, offered this scathing criticism:

“We already knew that Donald Trump was intolerant and unfit to be Commander in Chief. With his despicable attacks on a Gold Star family, we now know he is a cruel and cowardly man, as well. My heart breaks for the Khan family. Their service and sacrifice are more than most Americans will know, and for that, they should receive nothing but our gratitude. They certainly have mine.”

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