I wish I was special: 6 trends spotted at Lollapalooza

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Day 2 headliners Radiohead sing about their wish to be so (bleeping) special. And Lolla-goers seems to want the same.  Except when it comes to a few things…

Here’s seven things we spotted ….and spotted…and spotted …this weekend at Grant Park.


  1. Face Jewels: Taking the jewel out of jewelry.

2. Sunglasses. The shapes may come and go – and come back again (hello heart-shaped lenses!), but looking cool in shades never goes out of style.

3. Check it off your bucket list: Bucket Hats at Lolla

4. Statement Hair: It says a *locks* about you.

5. Marbled arm painting — bonus points if it matches your outfit.

6.*Overall* it’s been a great weekend.