Charles Tillman officially retires as a Chicago Bear

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CHICAGO - The terms of the contract weren't made public, but Charles Tillman is officially a Chicago Bear again - if only for a day.

'Peanut,' as he's more commonly known, signed the 24-hour deal so that he could retire from football as a member of the Chicago Bears.

Tillman played twelve of his thirteen NFL seasons in the Windy City, where he picked off 36 passes and forced 42 fumbles with his patented 'peanut punch.' He added two more of each in Carolina last year, falling just short of one of his long time goals - which didn't necessarily include a Hall of Fame nod.

"People bring it up, but whether I get in or not - I think I left my mark on it. I'm happy with my career and what I've been able to accomplish," noted Tillman at his Halas Hall press conference. "If there's one regret that I have, it's that I wasn't the first one to make the 40-40 club. I was two picks away from having 40 and being the only one in the NFL to do that. That was a goal of mine that I fell short of. Other than that I have no regrets."

Tillman also squashed any rumors that he might return to the sidelines to coach, saying "absolutely not."

He did, however, leave the door open to coaching his kids.

One of his daughters is following in his wife's footsteps, trying her hand at basketball.

His son, Tysen - who was specifically not named after his father so there would be no pressure to play football - is still undecided, but Tillman says he will support whatever decision he makes.

As for Tillman's next step, he's headed to the broadcasting booth after finishing out his role as stay-at-home dad this summer.

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