Protests intensify outside RNC; Arrests made

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CLEVELAND -- Protests have amped up at Day 3 of the Republican National Convention.

So far this week, 22 people have been arrested during protests near the Republican National Convention. 17 of those were arrested just today.

Tension is rising and public disturbances becoming more frequent as the headliner...the speech by Donald Trump draws near.

The enormous number of media in Cleveland is making policing demonstrations harder, police say.

There was a skirmish on one of the city’s most well known cobblestone roads, 4th Street.  It started when a demonstrator lit an American flag on fire.

Within minutes, that person was surrounded by law enforcement. Firefighters put out the flames, but not before others with the Communist Revolutionary Party were taken into custody too.

Officers on bikes and horseback pushed back the protestors. For two hours, the intersection was shut down, right up until convention attendees were making their way into the building for speeches tonight.

Grant Newburger, from Chicago,  runs the revolution. He and 16 others arrested today facing resisting arrest, failure to disperse, and for some, assault on a police officer.


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