Lumberjacks from all backgrounds compete for a US Championship in Chicagoland

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TINLEY PARK - In his main career the only swinging which he sees comes from a gavel in the hands of a judge. Competition, in this arena, comes from prose along with poise in front of a jury.

Arden Cogar Jr. reverses the roles in his leisure time outside of the courtroom. It's here where his braun stands out more than his brains during a given tournament.

He's full-time lawyer, part-time Timbersports competitor.

"Bringing the world aspect of manliness to suburbia," is how Cogar, a longtime Lumberjack, describes STIHL Timbersports, a series of competitions for lumberjacks from around the United States and across the world.

Some of them come from the courtroom, like Arden. Others come from rural areas while a few hail from urban settings. The latter, dubbed "Lumbersexuals" by those in the sport, took part in the U.S. Championships that made a visit to the Chicagoland area this past weekend.

Inside the Tinley Park Convention Center the Lumberjacks competed in Pro and Collegiate divisions over a two-day stretch. Six different competitions were held to crown a champion in each category as the competitive world of Timbersports made a rare appearance in the Windy City.

Josh Frydman caught up with some of the competitors to talk about what they enjoy the most about the sports and even took part in a few of the events during the event's media day.

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