Chicago-area Congressman Peter Roskam: ‘Time is Donald Trump’s friend’

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CLEVELAND -- Illinois Congressman Peter Roskam, who represents constituents  the western suburbs, addressed the Illinois delegation at the Republican National Convention breakfast on Tuesday.

Prior to his speech, he spoke to WGN’s Sean Lewis about his views on the anti-Trump Republican delegates and the delegates still considering supporting Trump.

“I do think time is Donald Trump’s friend," Roskam said. "I think people are saying alright I’m ready to hear this guy out, see what he has got to say with the flash and the dash aside."

Roskam also commented on Melania Trump’s controversial speech from Monday night. Her speech has gained attention due to its similarities to the First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech from the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

Roskam said it was "surprising" because it occurred at a highly produced event where a lot of thought goes into the speeches.

“The idea that now, this morning, we are talking about a paragraph in a speech that’s given by a spouse is not something that the Trump campaign wants to be doing,“ Roskam said.

Roskam related this event to Joe Biden’s past accusations of plagiarism in his speech while running for president. He said that for Biden, the plagiarism marginalized him.

However, he said that he does not feel that Melania’s speech will take away from the central themes that Trump is trying to draw upon.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani also gave a surprising speech at the convention. Roskam said he feels Giuliani has credibility as the “Mayor of 9/11.”

His speech included “a vision and admonition to not underestimate the nature of the threats here and abroad,” Roskam said.

The congressman felt Giuliani “was all about Donald Trump last night.”