Hearing held ahead of potential CPD investigation

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CHICAGO – A public hearing was held Tuesday night as the Department of Justice works to determine if the Chicago Police Dept. will come under investigation.

The Department of Justice calls it a “civil pattern” or a “practice investigation.”

Wednesday night at one of a series of hearings, the Department of Justice heard from mothers who’ve lost children in police involved shootings.

Members of the public also voiced their concerns.

The feds launched an investigation after the fatal police shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, with the mission of finding out whether that shooting was part of a broader pattern of civil rights violations by Chicago police.  It’s focused on use of force and whether that changes based on race.

Before the hearing, there was a vigil for victims of police violence alongside a call for an elected civilian board to provide police oversight.

The feds have a mandate to determine whether there are systemic problems inside the department and the power to make certain that if there are, there are consequences.

The fourth and last of these public hearings happens Thursday on the south side.

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