Governor announces bipartisan commission to change school funding

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CHICAGO — Governor Bruce Rauner and legislative leaders are creating a new commission to change the way schools are funded in Illinois.

Rauner announced the creation of the Illinois School Funding Reform Commission during a news conference today at the Thompson Center.

He said the bipartisan commission will work to develop an equitable, adequate and affordable school funding formula.

One of the biggest changes Rauner wants to see is less of a dependence on property taxes to fund schools.

“We’re the state that relies the most on local property taxes among the 50 states. Our state support is the lowest and that’s wrong,” said Rauner. “It denies the American Dream to low income families because they don’t get the same level of resources as higher income families do.”

The commission is expected to deliver its recommendations by February 1, 2017, in time to draft legislation for the Spring legislative session.

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