Chicago leaders call ’emergency’ gun violence summit in Austin neighborhood

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CHICAGO -- Congressmen, county commissioners, and church leaders gathered at a community center in Chicago's Austin neighborhood to host what they called an emergency gun violence summit today.  They were hoping by bringing everyone together, the discussion could somehow pave a path for peace.

More than 100 people of all ages, and races, gathered inside of the "By the Hands Club for Kids" to listen to community organizers and elected officials discuss what was billed as a solution-driven dialogue to stop gun violence.

Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin organized the summit.

The recent police involved shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana, along with the shooting deaths of 5 police officers in Dallas has race relations at the forefront of the discussion.

But, everyone seemed to agree that the anger and frustration so many people are feeling right now has to lead to healing, as well as community revitalization.