Chris Sale proud to be White Sox lone All-Star representative

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CHICAGO - It's hard to be one of the best 66 players in baseball, but Chris Sale is making it look easy.

The Sox ace will appear in his fifth All-Star game next week and he's only 27.

But, Sale isn't taking the honor of representing the White Sox lightly.

"This is more than a jersey. This is more than a name. It's a representation of a city and a state and a fan base," noted Sale. "It's crazy to think I'm here now doing this, especially looking back on some memories when I first got here. It's something that I take pride in. I respect it. I know what it involves and what it entails. I look forward to, hopefully, meeting those standards."

Sale will take the mound one more time before heading to San Diego, when the Braves come to the South Side this Friday.