Hawl In’s “Meet The Fan”: A Kris Bryant sticker moves a fan to tears

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Four-year old Eli Hillenmeyer of Lexington, Kentucky cries when he gets a Kris Bryant card in a pack of Topps cards.

CHICAGO –  For Cubs fans this weekend, there were a lot of reasons to have a little crying in baseball. Jimmy Dugan surely would have allowed it thanks to the last four days at Citi Field.

Just like the NLCS Joe Maddon’s team was swept away by the Mets in four consecutive games. To finish off the miserable weekend, Jon Lester was torched with eight runs in just an 1 1/3 innings on Sunday afternoon as New York beat the Cubs for the eighth-straight time dating back to last October.

It’s a rare sight for the very successful team that’s still 21 games over .500 as they officially hit the halfway point of the 2016 season yesterday and in first place by eight games over the Cardinals. But if you are feeling a little bit down about the team today, here’s something to cheer you up a little bit.

This latest Hawl In “Meet the Fan” segment deals with a young fan who put crying into baseball-or at least the card of his favorite player.


This video is from Louie Hillenmeyer of Lexington, Kentucky. His four-year old son is a big Cubs fan, especially third baseman and 2015 MLB Rookie of the Year Kris Bryant.

Louie said via Twitter that Bryant became Eli’s favorite player when his mother brought him a T-Shirt of the likely All-Star back from a visit to Chicago last fall. Eli has been a fan ever since and while the shirt was nice, there was another piece of memorabilia that he wanted from his favorite player.

That’s a Topps player sticker of Bryant. According to Louie, Eli collects a lot of them and memorizes all of the players in the majors through them. But after going through a number of packs of cards, he’d still yet to get one from his favorite player.

Then on June 29th it happened. With his father rolling the camera phone, Eli first got a Robinson Cano card that didn’t trigger a bunch of excitement. But then came the next one.

“This is the best one!,” said Eli when he put the card into his hand.

“Who is it,” asked Eli’s mother.

“Kris Bryant!,” said the four-year old with the excited grin. “I knew I could get him.”

The excitement continued for the final 30 seconds of the video and by the time it was over, he was in tears. Eli’s video was featured on the MLB.com web platforms last week and on CLTV’s Sports Feed on Sunday.

Eli’s good luck would continue a few minutes later when the camera wasn’t rolling, according to Louie. After getting the first stick, Eli opened up another pack of cards and pulled out a second Bryant sticker. But the four-year old wasn’t selfish, and instead handed the card to his brother so he could have one.

A gesture that provides something positive to cry about.

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