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The former Co-Founder of Kayak launches a new travel company called Lola

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Paul English was the co-founder of Kayak. He sold it for $1.8 billion dollars. Most people would retire after that but Paul English isn't most people, instead, he became an Uber driver.

Now he's launched a new travel company called Lola.  It's an on-demand personal travel service you can operate from your phone!

The Lola app instantly connects people to our team of travel consultants who find hotels, research vacation dreams, book flights and anything else our customers need. We also help while they’re on their trips. In short, we take care of our members’ every travel need.

English joined WGN Morning News via Skype talk about why he chose to become an Uber driver, what he did besides drive Uber after the sale of Kayak and his new travel service.

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