PHOTOS: Rattlesnake bites groom during wedding photos

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FORT COLLINS, Co. – A couple in Colorado made it to their wedding reception only an hour late after a rattlesnake bit the groom.

It happened while they were taking pictures between the ceremony and the reception.

The photographer, Maddie from Maddie Mae Photo, said the rattlesnake jumped onto the path and bit the groom while they were taking photos.

“As an adventure wedding photographer, I often wade in chest-high water, hike into jungles in Costa Rica, or go on 10-mile hikes with couples up mountains on their wedding day. I never would have guessed that my only indoor church wedding this year, in my home town, would actually become the biggest adventure, and my craziest wedding story to date,” said Maddie.

Shortly after the bite, a park ranger drove by and the couple and photographer began waving for help. “The ranger, obviously not hearing what we said, yelled back, ‘CONGRATULATIONS!!’ at the couple in wedding clothes,” said Maddie.

As the ranger got closer he realized what was wrong and assisted until paramedics arrived.

An ambulance took the groom to the hospital.

Luckily, the snake had not injected venom and the newlyweds were able to return to their reception.