Did Cubs’ Javier Baez already make the catch of the year?

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Just one day after making one of the most impressive plays on a ball so far this year, Cubs’ super-utility man Javier Baez may have already outdone himself.

Although yesterday’s play did not result in an out, it is still a remarkable showing of Baez’s ability to stay with a play and natural defensive awareness.

It did not take long for him to dazzle audiences with his glove again. In the bottom of the fourth inning of tonight’s game, Baez laid out into the stands in true Jeter fashion to rob the Marlins of an at bat.

Coming into the season, Baez was seen as a likely trade chip come the trade deadline, but he has proven how important he is to the team with his outstanding defensive ability and versatility while being able to make a difference with the bat off the bench.