Couples asking 9-year-old girl to photograph their weddings

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(Regina Wyllie. Photo Courtesy: Kevin Wyllie)

SCOTLAND -- A 9-year-old in Scotland is in high demand for her photography skills.

Regina Wyllie is the daughter of a photographer. Her dad, Kevin, says she first picked up a camera at age 3.

Now, Regina is a wedding photographer herself.

After seeing her past work, a couple getting married asked Regina to assist her dad and take pictures of their wedding.

The couple is a close family friend and said they wanted to be Regina's first wedding.

Now several other couples are requesting her services, according to her dad. Regina was first discovered as a photographer at age 7, after a photo she took was used for an advertisement on Facebook.

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Photos by Regina Wyllie

Regina's wedding photos. Courtesy: Kevin Wyllie

Regina's wedding photos. Courtesy: Kevin Wyllie