New Starbucks lawsuit

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HOUSTON, TX — A new lawsuit against Starbucks also names the employee who served a woman coffee.

Katherine Mize says she suffered severe burns while being handed a hot cup of coffee at a drive-through in Houston two years ago.

The burns were so severe Mize says she lost a month of work and has scars on her legs.

“She handed it to me with her hand over the top and dropped it,” said Mize. “I caught it and so it squooshed, the top had come off, and it squooshed, all over everywhere and all over me.”

Starbucks has not yet responded to the lawsuit.

Other lawsuits pending against the company include a federal case in California.  A judge ruled yesterday that the lawsuit accusing Starbucks of underfilling lattes by 25% can move forward.

And here in Chicago a woman recently filed a similar suit over the amount of ice in iced coffees.

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