Orlando shooter’s wife once lived in Chicago-area; may face felony charges

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The man who shot and killed at least 49 people inside a gay nightclub in Orlando called a friend to say goodbye as he carried out his rampage.

Omar Mateen also dialed 911 and a TV news producer, and said he carried out the slaughter due to his allegiance to ISIS.

Meantime, his wife may face criminal charges. She is identified as 30 year-old Noor Mateen.

During a previous marriage, she reportedly lived in Oak Lawn, in the Chicago-area, before she married Mateen and moved to Florida about five years ago. Her parents were Palestinian immigrants, and she was born and raised in northern California.

Noor is cooperating with the FBI. She reportedly took a polygraph test.

She apparently told authorities she tried to talk Omar out of the shooting massacre. She admitted to scouting out the nightclub earlier this month, and says she was with Omar when he bought ammunition and a holster.


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