Midday Fix: Tips for setting up an aquarium from Lise Watson of the Shedd Aquarium

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Lise Watson

Shedd Aquarium
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Clownfish and blue tang, which are featured in the Finding Dory movie, are salt water fish, which require a salt water aquarium. Salt water aquarium keeping is an advanced hobby, and is definitely not recommended for beginners or kids.  A small fresh water aquarium set up that requires less time, water and financial commitment is a better option for beginners. It’s a great first step for a child or beginner fish enthusiast has been inspired to care for fish after seeing the movie.

A fresh water aquarium does not need to be as large as a salt water aquarium. Additionally, the materials and time commitment are much lower than that of a salt water aquarium, making it an ideal first step for kids into the hobby.

Very colorful and vibrant fresh water fish that are great for beginners include beta fish and tetras. They can be found at most home aquarium stores, and require far less maintenance and experience than salt water fish.

There are many hobby stores in the Chicago-land area that are great resources to get you started. We recommend going online and visiting websites, reading reviews and visiting aquarium hobbyist online forums to choose what is best for you.

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