CPS to offer summer school classes despite money woes

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CHICAGO – Chicago Public Schools say they will hold summer school despite earlier warnings that there was not enough money to do so.

CPS said Friday that four summer school programs will be held at a cost of about $12.7 million.

Those classes will be held for special education students, credit recovery classes for high schoolers who failed classes and two courses for students who couldn’t advance grades.

CPS will hold classes at 25 fewer sites than it did last year.  That reflects a decline in the number of third, sixth and eighth-graders who failed to advance to the next grade and are placed in the Summer Bridge or Summer Acceleration programs.

Last year, the district budgeted nearly $17 million for those classes.

About 4,500 high schools students will take summer classes to make up for failed classes.  That is about the same number as last year.

State lawmakers have yet to pass an education budget.   CPS CEO Forrest Claypool says without a budget, the district will not be able to open in the Fall.