Blame game continues as Illinois lawmakers work on stopgap spending plan

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At the Thompson Center today, a bipartisan group of lawmakers was working on a stopgap spending plan while Governor Rauner was in Springfield on the attack, blasting Democrats for cancelling the session.

“Here we in the state Capitol on Wednesday, no speaker, no supermajority, no General Assembly in session,” Rauner said.

The governor says Democrats do not want to reach agreement on school funding and a stop gap spending plan.

“Speaker Madigan and his supermajority are clearly working to create a crisis. Clearly putting stress in our system threatening our schools,” Rauner said.

Behind the scenes, a bipartisan group of lawmakers is working to hammer out a deal to keep the government operating and fund schools. But Governor Rauner says Democrats are using the working group as an excuse not to do their jobs. It’s the latest attack from Rauner, who has been traveling the state blaming Democrats for the budget impasse.

Today Senate President John Cullerton fired back, sarcastically congratulating Governor Rauner on winning the 2014 election.

“I never officially congratulated him for winning that night, I’d like to do that right now and correct that oversight,” Cullerton said. “I’m saying this in the hopes that the governor 18 months into his term of office will finally stop campaigning and manage the state he was elected to run.”

President Cullerton says that lawmakers are making progress on short term funding, but Governor Rauner’s attacks have become a distraction.

Today, House Speaker Madigan responded to the Governor with this statement:

"While Governor Rauner continues his campaign-style tour, laden with personal attacks against those with whom he says he wants to work cooperatively, we remain committed to finding a solution to the state budget crisis, including a temporary budget to ensure schools open on time. By not funding many critical programs and services, the governor is putting office supplies ahead of cancer prevention."

Appearing on a TV program last night, Mayor Emanuel said Governor Rauner should read Moby Dick because he is obsessed with Mike Madigan the way Ahab was with his whale.

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