World traveler assures mother he’s fine with hilarious Instagram photos

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A man wanted to ease his nervous mother while he travels, so he found an easy way to do that. He posts photos of himself from different landmarks around the world to Instagram with the simple message "Mom, I'm fine."

Jonathan Kubben Quiñonez, 27, created the Instagram account "Mom I'm Fine" with the description: "Whatever your age is, if you have a Latin mom and a passion for adventure, you will have to find a way to tell her that you are fine. This is my way."

In one picture, Quiñonez, is seen skydiving. On his hands, he wrote, "Mom, I’m fine."

Quiñonez then poses for a picture, while keeping his distance from some alligators, with a sign reading "Mom, I'm fine."

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Time to run #MomImFine #travel #Mexico

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Even when he’s deep sea diving with a shipwreck behind him, he holds a sign telling his mom he's fine.

Quiñonez even snapped a photo with some new female friends who helped him let his mom know that he was, indeed, fine.


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