Neighbors concerned about noise from planned Wrigley plaza

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CHICAGO -- The Cubs met neighbors and city leaders Tuesday as the organization laid out plans for the area surrounding the stadium. The main topic of conversation was the Cubs Plaza just west of the stadium. The Cubs applied for a patio liquor license for the area, which is not exactly what they want but feel they could make work.

That may not be their vision, but the license they applied for would allow them to operate 365 days a year, stay open until 11 p.m. and midnight on Friday and Saturday. But it would not allow them to have the special family events like ice rinks, movies in the parks, and baseball clinics,they want. The Cubs will also add security and bathrooms.

Regardless of what’s happening in the plaza people here have one big question: what about the noise? The Cubs say they will monitor noise and make changes as needed.

Local Alderman Tom Tunney's plan is a plaza ordinance that would restrict the Cubs Plaza to ticket holders only, as well as restrict alcohol sales and hours of operation. It would, however, allow for a special number of those family-friendly events they say they want. The aldermen says they need to take this slow because it's unclear how all of this will work.

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