Owed millions by Illinois, charity safety nets may be in jeopardy

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It's activity time at Accolade, an adult care facility in Oak Park.

Two times a week Mary drops off and picks up her husband of 20 years, Danny. At 54 he has early onset Alzheimer’s. The couple is raising two children, ages 12 and 17 as well.

Accolade is run by Catholic Charities. You could say it is at the heart of the ongoing budget battle in Springfield.

Catholic Charities President and CEO Monsignor Mike Boland says the organization is owed $25 million by the state for services rendered at places like Accolade and countless others, dating back to last July.

As many as one million people lean on the Catholic Charities for a variety of social services. The young, old, and most vulnerable among us.

If a budget isn't passed soon in Springfield the safety net catholic charities provides may be gone, and people, families like Danny's and Mary may be on a free fall to which there is no return.

Mary and Monsignor agree the time for compromise is long overdue.