Lawsuit filed over Lansing police shooting

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Attorney Greg Kulis says he doesn’t have all the facts and that’s why he filed this lawsuit, to gather information and talk with witnesses to make sure excessive force wasn’t used by Lansing police to kill Warren Christian III.

Kulis says Christian was no angel, but he doesn’t have a propensity for violence and that’s why the police account of what happened doesn’t make sense to his family.

Last Thursday, Warren Christian III turned 43 years old and he went to Ultra Foods in Lansing. Police were called when Christian was allegedly caught stealing some meat. The lawsuit says his mother and family had little food to eat.

Christian was confronted by a Lansing police officer outside the door, a physical struggle occurred and the officer’s gun went off shooting him in the leg. Christian ran away into the parking lot.

This is where the story is fuzzy for Kulis. Did Christian shoot the officer? Did he have the gun when he ran away? What are the details that led to him being shot to death by another officer?

“One thing that is consistent is the Lansing police department has never said that Mr. Christian pointed a weapon at this officer, shot a weapon at this officer, threatened to kill this officer, did anything that justified the deadly force that was used on that day,” Kulis said.

When the incident happened, Lansing Police said Warren Christian was armed. The department spokesperson did not return calls for comment on the lawsuit.  The incident is being investigated by the Illinois State Police.