Hawl In’s “Meet The Fan”: The story behind Chris Sale’s “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game

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White Sox pitcher Chris Sale plays "Rock, Paper, Scissors" with fans at Citi Field on May 31st.

FLUSHING, N.Y. – There is a tradition at major league parks that happens before a pitch is ever thrown.

Its a bit of a game that takes place between the players and the fans. For the most part it’s good natured and the prize is simple-a signature.

Rooters stand along the rails and wait for their favorite player to get within an earshot of them. Sometimes it starts with a louder-than-conversational call of the player’s name. Then it proceeds to a yell and then maybe a scream.

Either the player comes over or he doesn’t. Its the game that’s played before the game. On Tuesday, Chris Sale took that to another level.

This video comes from Tom De Luca, 19 of Massapequa, NY, posted to his Twitter account not long after the game at Citi Field.

Via Twitter, De Luca said that his friend Michael Scott was the one asking Sale if he could get an autograph. Tom admitted that his friend was persistent during batting practice as the pitcher was close to where the fans were sitting.

Once batting practice ended, according to De Luca, Sale walked over and said “You said you’ll do anything? Beat me 2 out of 3 in rock, paper, scissors and I’ll sign.”

So the game between the two began and wouldn’t you know, Scott won.

Sale held up his end of the bargain and signed a couple of baseballs for the fans. De Luca posted the video to Twitter and a fun moment was shared with baseball fans in New York and Chicago.