Dr. Streicher discusses babies crawling out of C-sections and other strange myths and trends

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Dr. Lauren Streicher, gynecologist and author of "Sex Rx," spoke to WGN Morning News about strange trends in childbirth and religious impacts on birth control.

Streicher discussed the new interest among pregnant women who request their baby to crawl out of a C-section. The doctor said there are YouTube videos available for viewers to watch of these births.

While strange, Streicher explained this cannot actually happen. It is only an act performed by the doctor because newborn babies cannot crawl.

“When it comes to C sections, this is a consumer driven thing.” Streicher said. “People request all kinds of strange things and a lot of doctors say OK.”

Streicher also discussed the trend of doctors recommending women skip the placebo birth control pills at the end of each month. In fact, she stated that there is no true benefit to the placebo pills.

She said that the placebo pills originated from a religious view that the Catholic church would recognize birth control pills as natural contraception if the woman had a period.

Streicher said that this concept is now not just a doctor recommendation, but is moving into the mainstream.

Lastly, Streicher called attention to the 23rd annual Cancer Survivors Celebration Walk and 5K. This will take place on June 5 in Grant Park.

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