5 insanely accurate details in Chicago’s new Saved By The Bell pop-up diner

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CHICAGO -- Saved By The Bell fans have a seat at the cool table thanks to the new pop-up diner "Saved By The Max", which opens for business Wednesday.

And the Chicago creators have gone to great (borderline obsessive) lengths to ensure each of those seats is smack in the middle of the most authentic Bayside experience you will get this side of a television.

Here are just five of the special details they thought of that may blow your mind -- provided you're not on any over-the-counter caffeine pills.  (Still, it's OK to be so, so, so excited.)

1. The Sign

Make no mistake.  You.  Are.  Here.  The Max has come to life and the pink glow of the incredibly spot-on neon tells you you're going to be friends forever.

2. The Doorway


The Max

The jagged pink edging, the door handle, even the glimpse of the outside makes us think Zack could walk through the door at any moment. And then there's that payphone. The number listed? 1-900-CRUSHED. You know, Zack's advice line?

3. Shoutouts to show references

Like the bell to first period, Saved by the Max customers are treated to a mural as soon as they walk in.  On it, you will find several tributes including one to Zack's (by today's standards ginormous -- by early 90s standards, incredibly cool) cell phone, the tragic heroine Becky the Duck (who met an untimely end that time they found oil under the Tigers' football field) and Jesse's brief (yet memorable) addiction to caffeine pills.

4. Jesse's Locker

Jesse's locker at Bayside is also in the doorway.  Look for Jesse's chapstick, her love for George Michael and real photos from cast photo shoots show that the show provided to the diner.

5. Bathroom Graffiti

Are you a Preppie?  Or a cheerleader?  Either way, like any good high school bathroom, there's plenty to read on  the walls.  You didn't think they'd forget about Tori, did you?

These are just some of the many thoughtful points at Saved By The Max.  Look (and listen!... and taste!) for more if you go.

The pop-up diner is located at 1941 North Ave and will be open through the end of August.

Most dinner reservations are sold out, but they do accept a handful of walk-ups each night as well as brunch and late night dining.

More information at: SavedByTheMax.com