Rauner will not sign Madigan’s bill ahead of Tuesday’s deadline

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. -- The big headline from Springfield today is that Gov. Bruce Rauner point blank said he will not sign Speaker Mike Madigan’s spending bill.

So with just 48 hours left, lawmakers are going to have to come up with something else.

Today, while the General Assembly got back to work, Gov. Rauner and the legislative leader met again in private.

After the meeting, Governor Rauner emerged and said he will not sign House Speaker Madigan’s $39 billion spending bill.

Instead Gov. Rauner is pushing for a budget that is balanced and includes items off his pro-business agenda. He calls it a “grand compromise,” and bipartisan working groups continue to meet to discuss it.

But Speaker Madigan says Republicans are asking for too much. Madigan is showing no sign he’ll budge. In fact, the speaker is now talking about working through the summer.

Also today Gov. Rauner defended his veto of a bill that would have stretched the payment schedule for Chicago police and fire pensions. Mayor Rahm Emanuel blasted Gov. Rauner for the move, saying the governor is telling Chicago taxpayers to take a hike.

The Rauner veto means the city of Chicago must now come up with another $220 million before the end of the year. That money would likely have to come from another tax increase on Chicagoans.

Lawmakers say the bipartisan working groups will keep going around the clock for next 48 hours.