The weed that ate Pittsburgh

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The weed that ate Pittsburgh sounds like a B-movie from 1957...

But no, it's a real story. The weed is everywhere.

Pittsburgh has been infested by Japanese knotweed, a plant that is very difficult to destroy.

In a B-movie you'd bring in the space patrol, laser guns, or you'd signal Mothra.

But no, they're tough in Pittsburgh, and they've come up with a better plan.

According to the Wall Street Journal, businesses have decided to get rid of the plant by eating it.

They're adding it to menus. Popsicles, spring rolls, beer, honey.


Japanese knotweed tastes like rhubarb and has the texture of asparagus.

People in Pittsburgh will defeat this week monster, and improve their Vitamin C intake.

Perhaps the movie should be...

How Pittsburgh ate the knotweed... starring Ben Roethlisberger.

--WGN Anchor, Larry Potash

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