Another meeting with Gov. Rauner and legislative leaders goes nowhere

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. -- For the second consecutive day, the Illinois legislative leaders meet in private Gov. Bruce Rauner’s office.

But they say the tone of the private talks has changed.

Republicans accuse Speaker Madigan of abandoning negotiations.

Madigan says Democrats will continue meeting to discuss reforms.

The speaker says Gov. Rauner is asking for too much.

He says the governor is now pushing changes in health care for state retirees.

Asked about that, Republican leaders say that’s not true and that Madigan is holding up possible compromise on issues such as workers compensation and collective bargaining reform.

"Let’s be very clear,"  said Madigan.  "We passed a budget plan that does not hold hostages. Where people need education they’re not being held hostage. Where they need social services they’re not being held hostage. Where they need health care they’re not being held hostage. We’re prepared to negotiate with the governor to find the revenue to pay for that spending plan."

But Senate Republican Christine Radogno said, "The Democrat leaders essentially pulled the plug on negotiations. They want to push the balanced budget issue reforms off into the fall after the election. It’s clear their priority is political and not for the good of the state."

Rauner and the legislative leaders are set to meet again on Sunday.


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