Wolf pups now on display Brookfield Zoo

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BROOKFIELD, Ill. – Your next trip to the Brookfield Zoo just got a whole lot cuter.

Three Mexican gray wolf pups, born at the end of April, have begun to venture out of their den and are can now be seen by the public.

The zoo welcomed a total of five pups in April and two were placed with a wild wolf pack in Arizona as part of a recovery program for the species.

The addition of the three puppies represents the largest Mexican gray wolf pack that has resided at Brookfield Zoo in more than a decade. In addition to the parents, Zana and Flint, and their new additions, the pack includes the adult pair’s four yearlings born in 2015, the zoo says.

“The current pack at the zoo mimics those in the wild. Wolves have a very complex social structure, and we are excited that guests will be able to get a firsthand look at the interactions among all the animals,” said Joan Daniels, associate curator of mammals.

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