Drew Peterson calls murder of state’s attorney ‘a nice Christmas present’ on secretly recorded audio

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CHESTER, Ill. -- Drew Peterson listened to his own words when the first audio tape of his recorded conversations with a fellow prison inmate was played today at Peterson's murder for hire trial.

On it, Peterson can be heard bragging about his prior media attention and at other times talking about his dislike for Will County States Attorney James Glasgow.  On the recordings he refers to himself as the "big fish."

At one point, inmate turned informant Antonio Smith tells Peterson he can have Glasgow killed by "Christmas."

Peterson replied, "It would be a nice Christmas present."

Later after Smith made the phone call to give the greenlight on the murder for hire plot, the two had planned to celebrate.

Smith, the inmate who wore a wire to secretly record conversations with Peterson while they were in protective custody at the Menard Correctional Center, was back on the stand earlier today.

On the first recording from November 13, 2014 Peterson and Smith have a conversation in which Peterson complains about Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow -- saying, "If he's gone it'll get me out." Smith asks, "That's still what you want done, right?" Peterson responds, "Done, nothing's changed."

In a conversation the next day Peterson complains that Glasgow will charge him with Stacy Peterson's death, if he wins his appeal and gets out of prison. At that point Peterson contradicts what Smith tesified to Monday -- saying, "Stacy’s still alive running around out there, but now they wanna determine her dead."

During his testimony Monday, inmate Smith claimed Peterson told him that he killed his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson.

There were a lot of side conversations that were also recorded. A conversation worth noting is one in which Peterson, a former police officer, talked about hooking up with the drug cartel in Mexico when he gets out of prison so he can start selling dope.



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