Social services advocates plead for funding during ongoing budget impasse

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. -- With eight days left before the Illinois General Assembly is to set adjourn,  there's still no sign of an agreement to end the 10-month-old budget stalemate.

That could have a devastating effect on education and social service programs already hurt by the impasse.

Even though an agreement isn't in sight, Gov. Bruce Rauner says he still thinks he and the democrats can reach a compromise.

But Rauner says he believes many democrats are ready to accept some of his anti-labor reforms in exchange for a tax hike.

Lawmakers have sent him a bill to authorize $700 million for human services programs.

Rauner says those kinds of measures are short-term fixes.

The governor and lawmakers also haven't reach agreement on how to fund public schools,  and social service programs continue to be threatened by the budget crisis.

Advocates met at the Thompson Center Monday to plead for an agreement to keep services going.

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