Drew Peterson murder-for-hire trial under way in Randolph County

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CHESTER, Ill. --Drew Peterson's former friend and inmate gave explosive testimony today in the murder for hire trial.

Antonio Smith said not only did Peterson want Will County States attorney James Glasgow dead but that he had admitted to killing both Stacy and Kathleen.

Smith was in protective custody with Peterson when the two became friends.   Smith says in October 2013 Peterson approached him and said he needed someone to kill Glasgow.

Smith said he had to think about it.

Smith told the court that Peterson said  he killed his fourth wife Stacy because "he believed she knew he killed Kathleen Savio."

In December 2013 Smith decided to go to Internal Affairs after Peterson allegedly wrote him specific reasons why he wanted Glasgow killed.  It also included, a newspaper clipping of Glasgow.

Earlier Monday, Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow was the first witness to take the stand.

Glasgow spent almost 45 minutes testifying, and in that time he only looked at Drew Peterson once. That was when he was asked to identify him.

Drew Peterson, however, stared Glasgow down -- never taking his eyes off him.

Prosecutors say it was Peterson's "anger, hatred and animosity for and feeling of revenge" against Glasgow that drove Peterson to want him dead.

During opening statements prosecutors laid out their case, saying that in August of 2014, an inmate named Antonio Smith who goes by the nickname "Beast" sent a letter to the Will County State's Attorney's Office, claiming Drew Peterson offered him $10,000 to find someone to kill Glasgow.

The FBI was called in, and in October of 2014 Will County officials went to court to get a wire authorization. On November 13 the secret recordings began.

But after a couple of weeks Drew Peterson began to get suspicious, saying his "Spidey sense was going off", and that is when the inmate was pulled out of the prison. By February charges of solicitation of murder and solicitation of murder for hire were filed against Drew Peterson.

During his opening statement Drew Peterson's attorney said it was no secret that his client hated James Glasgow. He called the secret recordings inaudible at times and full of technical glitches.

He claims the state is going to "sensationalize the heck out of this case".  He called Antonio Smith a known snitch. And he told the jurors he hoped they were wearing their boots because "they are going to need them to wade through all the misinformation in the case."

When asked if he had listened to the recordings, Glasgow said he only listened to a portion. And when asked if the words "kill" and "murder" were ever used, he said no -- but in his 36 years of experience, "It was clear to me that it was going to be my demise".

Glasgow prosecuted Peterson for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Peterson is serving a prison sentence at the Menard Correctional Center for Savio's murder.

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