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Chicago officers credited with saving woman’s life

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CHICAGO – Two Chicago police officers are being credit for saving a woman’s life over the weekend.

Officers Frank Giuliano and Ben Cave were called to an apartment in the 3100 block of North Milwaukee Sunday morning.
They arrived to a chaotic scene in which a 27-year-old woman unconscious and not breathing.

“We observed that she was on the ground blue lips and pale skin. My partner started CPR,” Officer Giuliano said “He checked her pulse and there was no pulse.”

To make matters worse, the officers say the woman’s family and friends had gathered in the apartment’s back bedroom where the woman collapsed. Officer Giuliano cleared the room so that Officer Cave could continue CPR.

The officers say miraculously the woman started to gasp for breath and her pulse came back.

Police say the woman the officers saved did not want to talk.

After saving the woman, the officers say they moved on to their next call.