Festival celebrates dogs — for a cause

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CHICAGO -- On a day like today, when it's gone to the dogs, who’s to argue with pitching in?

Saturday brought a walk along the lakefront, a quick drink along the way and a festival celebrating our best friends. For more than two decades now, Bark in the Park has raised a lot of money to support Chicago’s anti-cruelty society.

"We’re supporting a really good cause and we’re glad to be out here," said Lakeview resident Melody Legge.

Said Chicago dog owner Rick Zulla, “We originally came from New York and certainly not as easy to have a dog there than it is here in Chicago where there are dog runs, dog parks and events like this all around town."

The animal shelter, downtown, will get $150,000 from the event alone. A noble effort from some noble breeds -- in a city that does love its four legged friends.