New details in Gage Park murders released after suspects appear in court

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CHICAGO -- There is no bail for two people charged in the February murders of six family members in Chicago's Gage Park neighborhood.

Diego Uribe-Cruz, 22, and his girlfriend Jafeth Ramos, 19, appeared before a judge Friday afternoon, who said the killings were "pure evil and an act of barbarism."

Police say Uribe-Cruz killed all six victims, including his aunt by marriage and two children, in a robbery gone bad.

According to the proffer, Uribe-Cruz and Ramos got away with $250 in change (including from a piggy bank), and $350 cash/jewelry. They sold the jewelry at a pawn shop for $150.

They said on tape they needed money for milk and diapers for their 1-year-old son as well as a car.

"It appears that six lives were taken for $550 and an XBox," said State's Attorney Anita Alvarez in a news conference after court.

The break in the case came Wednesday when police reported his DNA was matched to evidence at the crime scene.

Authorities say both suspects have given statements admitting their role.

The public defender said Uribe-Cruz and Ramos were both invoking 4th, 5th, 6th and 14th Amendment rights.

Uribe-Cruz was wearing a Chicago Bears Jay Cutler jersey in court.