No bail for mother in stabbing death of 15-year-old girl

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CHICAGO -- A mother has been held without bail in the stabbing death of a high school honor student.

Authorities say Tamika Gayden gave a knife to her 13-year old daughter which was used to stab 15-year-old De'Kayla Dansberry during a fight.

It happened Saturday night in the Parkway Gardens housing complex at 65th and King Drive.

Prosecutors say they have video of the stabbing and a witness who says the girl cleaned blood from the knife while repeating the words, "I killed her."

Gayden allegedly told her daughter to take a switchblade out of her purse and use it in case of a fight. The knife was found inside Gayden's apartment, cleaned and wrapped in tape.

The judge said Gayden had an obligation to stop a fight, but instead encouraged it. She is charged with first degree murder and delinquency of a minor. She is due back in court May 26.

Dansberry was an honors student and standout track athlete at Johnson College Prep.

Gayden's daughter is charged as a juvenile and appeared in court Tuesday.

Once court was over a brawl happened outside. It started inside the courthouse and spilled out onto the lawn.  Sheriff’s police and Chicago police rushed to calm things down. There were high emotions on both sides that resulted in the two families fighting.