Airbnb on delay, TSA takes center stage at City Council

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CHICAGO – Aldermen on Wednesday pushed back on the mayor’s bid to regulate Airbnb, delaying a vote. With that on hold until next month, aldermen made a move to help with huge TSA lines at O’Hare and Midway.

The idea is to help beef up TSA security at both airports with a private security company. Several aldermen called the current conditions and wait times at the airports avoidable and unacceptable.

With security wait times sometimes hitting several hours and several passengers missing flights, the city of Chicago is now tired of waiting for the TSA to do something about it.

The TSA has promised more agents to help but that may be weeks away. City leaders say Chicago should join close to two-dozen airports across the country asking the feds for permission to add privatize security agents.

The mayor says he has a meeting with the TSA director this Friday but he is clearly angry the agency waited so long to fix its staffing issues.

The mayor kept his emotions in check after being denied passage of new regulations on Airbnb, a company that is part the new sharing economy that has people renting out their condos homes and apartments.

The complaint has been some Airbnb hosts aren’t renting out just their place, but multiple units in multiple buildings causing residential neighborhoods to go commercial.

Many Airbnb hosts and supporters don’t mind some regulations but want the mayor and the city to slow down and not push the wrong people out of the sharing economy.

Part of the problem for alderman today is the ordinance changed so much before they were asked to vote on it. Now they will have a month to review it.