100-year-old sets unofficial record for 100-meter-dash

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CHESNEE, SC — Retired teacher Ella Mae Colbert set a new unofficial world record for the 100-meter-dash by a 100-year-old on Tuesday at Chesnee Middle School.

Colbert unofficially shattered the existing 1 minute, 16 second record by completing the sprint in 46.7 seconds. She is now waiting for the Guinness Book of World Records to confirm the record.

She was met with cheers from students at the middle school as she strutted down to the track field Tuesday afternoon.

The physical test looked like it would end early after Colbert took a fall a few steps into the run, but the determined 100-year-old got back up and tried again a few minutes later after officials bandaged a scrape on her chin.

Despite some visible knee discomfort when she took off the second time, Colbert powered her way to the finish line, cutting the existing record time nearly in half.

Afterward Colbert said she had Jesus Christ as her coach, the best coach she ever had, and encouraged others to “never stop running” and never slow down as they age.

Colbert turned 100 on May 11.