Woman hurt at Wiener’s Circle can sue over unruly atmosphere, court rules

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Roberta "Poochie" Jackson lays into a customer — playfully — at The Wiener's Circle. (Michael Tercha/Chicago Tribune)

CHICAGO — A state appellate court panel cleared the way for a lawsuit against the iconic North Side hot dog stand The Wiener’s Circle.

The panel overturned a lower court’s decision, and now a woman who was injured there in 2011, can sue. The woman’s arm was broken when she got knocked down by an unruly customer.

Her attorney says the waitstaff was egging that unruly customer on.

The Weiner’s Circle is known for its rowdy atmosphere, where staff and customers trade insults, but the woman didn’t know that when she went there.

The state panel ruled the restaurant has a duty to protect customers, or warn them that they could be harmed.