School keeps student with Down syndrome from graduating due to parents’ lawsuit

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FORREST CITY, Ark. -- A high school student was not allowed to graduate, because his parents are suing the school district.

The graduating class at Forrest City High School in Arkansas received their diplomas on stage last Friday.

But Adrian Clanton was not allowed to, even though he met all of the graduation requirements.

"It hurts to see your child be pushed aside like he's nobody, like he's not a human being," Adrian's mother Camille told WREG.

Clanton has Down syndrome, and his parents are suing the school district for not providing proper accommodations.

The school responded by keeping Clanton from the graduation ceremony, until the lawsuit is withdrawn or resolved.

"This thing is a struggle between adults, but he is the one who is being punished," said Adrian's father James.

The school district said this was a "matter of litigation," and it would not comment.

Clanton will still receive a high school diploma, even though he didn't graduate on stage.