Re-internment ceremony held at cemetery at center of desecration scandal

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ALSIP, Ill. -- Families gathered at Burr Oak Cemetery in the south suburbs today for a re-internment ceremony.

In many ways, today's burial ceremony marks the end of a seven year scandal that shocked the state.  Four workers at Burr Oak Cemetery desecrated graves and resold the plots.

The suburban cemetery was supposed to be a permanent place of rest but for more than two dozen of the people who had been buried here, death was followed by disturbance and distress.

It was scheme that became a scandal.

An investigation by the FBI and the Cook County Sheriff's Department revealed 1500 bones from at least 29 corpses spread across the burial grounds.

Carolyn Towns, the woman who led the scheme, is serving a 12 year sentence.

Keith Nicks, Terrence Nicks and Maurice Dailey were convicted and sentenced for their roles in digging up graves, dumping human remains and then reselling plots at the cemetery.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart held a “re-internment” ceremony Tuesday for the nearly two thousand pieces of human remains and grave items recovered in the investigation.

The sheriff says Burr Oak Cemetery has been under new management and improvements have been made and notes that the scandal led to reforms and new oversight of cemeteries.