Central Illinois vets recommend dog flu vaccine

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Owner and labrador retriever dog walking in the city. Thinkstock/Getty Images.

PEORIA, Ill. — Veterinarians in Central Illinois are recommending dog owners consider getting their pets vaccinated against the flu.

The Journal Star in Peoria says multiple cases of a new type of dog influenza have been reported in Bloomington. It’s already prompted organizers of the Pooch Parade and Pet Fair in Normal to cancel the May 21 event.

Dr. Chris Couri is president of the Peoria County Veterinary Medical Association. He says even though dog flu isn’t a problem in Peoria yet, he encourages dog owners to talk to their vets about the vaccine.

Couri says the dog flu is “highly contagious.” Dogs can get it from going nose-to-nose with another dog or just spending time in an area where an infected dog has been. The flu also can be transmitted through human contact.