Ex-Blaine principal Troy LaRaviere discusses dismissal from Blaine Elementary

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CHICAGO -- The outspoken former principal of Blaine Elementary School in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood is speaking out.

On Wednesday, Troy LaRaviere had a private closed door hearing regarding his employment status.

He was suddenly removed from his position last month and re-assigned to his home.

LaRaviere is accused of ethics violations. He says it's because he appeared in a political ad with Jesus Chuy Garcia when he ran against Mayor Rahm Emanuel in 2015.

LaRaviere also wrote a blog accusing the mayor, the Board of Education and basketball legend Magic Johnson of engaging in a shady $340 million deal to privatize the management of CPS custodians.

Results from Wednesday's private meeting  probably won't be made public for a couple of days.

CPS has issued the following statement:

"Mr. LaRaviere has made public the charges that CPS provided to him on April 25, 2016. Those charges set forth the bases for CPS’ decision to remove him as a principal. An independent arbitrator will hear evidence concerning those charges and make a recommendation concerning Mr. LaRaviere’s employment."