Airline group launches social media campaign against long TSA lines

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CHICAGO -- Security lines at O’Hare, and airports around the country, are getting longer and longer.

Some passengers say they've even missed their flights.

Wait times could get even worse during the peak air travel season this summer.

Why is it so much right worse right now? Experts say it’s a combination of several factors.

First, there are fewer TSA screeners. The number has declined by about 5,800 because of budgets cutbacks.

Second, there are new security procedures.

And finally, the number of passengers is only growing.

Despite promises from the federal government to add close to 800 more TSA screeners at airports across the country, authorities say the security line slowdowns will last through the year.

Airlines are now encouraging passengers to tweet about their frustrating experiences with the hashtag “I hate the wait.”

Twenty-two U.S. airports, including San Francisco and Kansas City International, use private firms for security screening.

Others are considering private security.

Those looking to bypass waiting lines may also apply for TSA pre-check, which aims to expedite the screening process. For more information visit

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