Style Files: Fixing mom fashion mistakes

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Bonni Pear

Gurnee Mills

The fashions shown today are available from:

Gap Outlet


Banana Republic Factory Store



Mom Jeans
Moms who wear an unflattering cut of jeans. Just because you may no longer be in your twenties doesn’t mean you need to give up wearing stylish denim.
Swap your baggy and dated mom jeans for tailored denim and trendy jeans.

Baggy Sweats
Wearing oversized baggy sweats and a bulky sweatshirt when running errands or out-and-about.
Upgrade your oversized comfy clothes to trendy athleisure.

Outdated Blazer/Diaper Bag
Hanging on to an outdated blazer that’s been in your closet for too long and no longer fits correctly. Even worse, carrying around a bulky diaper bag.
Time to swap that dated, shoulder pad blazer for a sleek and tailored blazer. Try a fitted blazer with pops of color for a fun yet put together look.
Upgrade your bulky diaper bag for a chic carry all tote bag that can also function as a purse.

Leggings as Pants
Wearing leggings as pants. Cotton leggings can be extremely unflattering when worn incorrectly. Repeat after me, leggings are not pants.
We all love the comfort provided by wearing leggings and they can be flattering when worn correctly. Cotton leggings made with a thick cotton and spandex blend are perfect for creating a slimming look. Add a longer style tunic and you have a stylish outfit with the comfort of leggings. Adding a longer top provides coverage in all the right places.

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