From crisis to blessing: Update on tiny transport patient

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An update to a story we brought you in February, when WGN took an exclusive ride with the Lurie Children’s transport team. Isabella Beltrame came to the hospital in crisis - life-threatening pressure in her brain prompted an immediate helicopter ride for more specialized care. Within hours doctors found a massive tumor in her brain.

Fast forward to today.

Bella has come leaps and bounds in the last three months overcoming obstacles to reach heroic heights in her recovery.

Melissa Beltrame, Bella’s mother: 'Early February you guys came to visit, she was doing great. She finished physical therapy there at the end of February. She also finished six weeks of radiation. She came home and we did only a couple weeks of physical and occupational therapy, and she’s doing great.

We don’t have any further treatment at this time, but she did do her post-radiation MRI, and the scan looks great. Her physicians are very pleased with her scans. So we’re just looking forward to the next couple of months. We’ve got some vacations coming up, and we’re going to spend a lot of time together.

She has accomplished so much, and to be five and to go through what’s she’s gone through, I can’t even imagine. You wouldn’t have even known she has gone through what she has gone through. Based on her appearance and just how much physical strength she has. It’s just a blessing that we took care of her when we did because I don’t know where we’d be today if we hadn’t.

She enjoys being five. She enjoys being with her sister, and she loves being with family, and we love being outside, and I just can’t imagine any other way. I’m blessed. I’m truly blessed, and we live on hope and we hold onto our faith, and that’s what keeps us going.'

WGN was given unprecedented access with the incredible transport team at Lurie Children's Hospital earlier this year.



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